You know you’re sinking when the rats are jumping overboard!

So here we are with 9 days left before election day, and you can really begin to see who is going to win when the rats start jumping off the sinking ship.  The sinking ship is the S.S. Obama Titanic, and the rats are several far-left newspapers… and even Hollywood Socialists.

A number of left-leaning newspapers that have endorsed Democrats for decades, including Obama in 2008, have decided to be on the winning side of this election by endorsing Mitt Romney.  You can see a story listing a bunch of those papers (click here), and another interesting analysis of a major endorsement switch made by the Des Moines Register from the battleground state of Iowa (click here).

Most interesting to me however, is the bailing of extreme-left Hollywood producer Oliver Stone.  Stone rips Obama (click here to see story) stating that

"The country Obama inherited was indeed in shambles, but Obama took a bad situation and, in certain ways, made it worse,” - Oliver Stone

But wait - it gets better. Stone does not stop at merely criticizing Obama… he’s even writing a book about Obama’s failures, which hits the stores on Tuesday!  Rats overboard!!!

How low can Barney Frank go? How about a Trayvon Martin hoodie reference during a graduation commencement speech!

Barney Frank likens wearing a graduation cap & gown to wearing a hoodie, saying:

you now got a hoodie you can wear and no one will shoot at you.

…and you thought Barney couldn’t be more classless.

Yes, Chris Hayes - you are wrong. God bless our fallen heroes!

The far left lunatics at MSNBC are at it again… check out host Chris Hayes describing how he’s “uncomfortable” calling America’s fallen soldiers ‘heroes’.  Sadly, this is true of most limousine liberals.  But to answer your question Chris… yes. you are wrong about that.  Here is a poem which I feel puts it best:

It is the soldier, not the reporter, Who has given us freedom of the press.

It is the soldier, not the poet, Who has given us freedom of speech.

It is the soldier, not the organizer, Who has given us the freedom to demonstrate.

It is the soldier, Who salutes the flag, Who serves beneath the flag,
and whose coffin is draped by the flag, Who allows the protestor to burn the flag.

By: Father Denis Edward O’Brien M.M. USMC

Preezie Obama has no shame - and media enables him

So this country is in a world of hurt economically, and Preezie Obama (that’s his official title now), claims that Mitt Romney’s vast experience in business, management, and economics are worthless and do not qualify Romney to be president.  Yet this is the same guy, who when asked in a debate during the 2008 election what actually qualified him to handle the duties of President, managed to say with a straight face that his “experience” running his campaign for President is what qualified him to be President. 

That answer was so ridiculous on so many levels, yet the suck-up media actually let him get away with that then, and now they fail to point out the ridiculousness of Obama’s claims about Romney’s qualifications. 

Nevermind the fact that Obama wasn’t running his campaign then - he had a campaign manager and a leadership team to do that.  The Preezie-wannabee just gave speeches in front of fake styrofoam Greek columns and such.  And running for something doesn’t qualify you to hold the position.  Can you imagine being asked in a job interview “what do you think qualifies you for this job?" - and you answer "well, the fact that I managed my application for this job qualifies me for it”.  In the real world, that gets you laughed out of the building… it doesn’t get you hired!

Way to go, Preezie of da You-nited Steezie!

Pakistan is still so humiliated that we found, captured, and killed Bin Laden while they carefully protected him, that they have sentenced the doctor (Dr. Shakil Afridi) who helped the U.S. find Bin Laden to 33 years in prison - get this - for treason and conspiring against the state of Pakistan!  So while Pakistan “claims” they did not know Bin Laden was in their country, their position is that helping the U.S. to find him is treason against the state… yeah, that makes sense.

Furthermore, it also appears that the Obama administration, in a rush to glorify Obama himself before the elections with movies about the raid, have been the ones who “outed” this hero and blabbed his identity… way to go, Preezie of da You-nited Steezie! 

So as soon as supply lines to Afghanistan are no longer an issue, I think that the U.S. should have a new mission for our great Navy Seals team… go back to Pakistan, raid the prison compound where the doctor is being held, rescue him, and leave a little note for the real traitors in this whole charade (the leaders of Pakistan) telling them not to expect the next check for aid money.  That should add a little further insult to those terrorist-loving backstabbers.

Actually, Democrats are the natural “flat-earthers”

Back in Columbus’ day, the main fuel and building material was wood. For those of you who don’t realize it, that means every tree in sight had to be cut down to build the massive ships and navies, and to burn for heat!  So when Columbus was trying to set sail, it was actually the Democrats of his day, who were there trying to obstruct science, exploration, and progress because they would have been protesting the cutting down of too many trees.  And Obama’s liberal ancestors would not have set foot on one of those evil ships made of wood… no siree!!!  He was going to prove that he could reach the New World in a vessel made from alternative energy sources.  That’s right… Obama was going to make his ship from - hmmmm - well, from whatever Solyndra could make it from back then.  Meanwhile, the 1492 version of silly leftists like Obama would have been saying:  “we can’t explore our way out of this mess”.

3 states, 3 winners: this changes everything!

So we once thought that Mitt Romney had won both of the first two states and would take South Carolina as well.  As Rick Perry would say - Ooops!  Upon further review, Romney did NOT win Iowa, and now he got trounced in South Carolina by Gingrich.  So, each of the top 3 have taken one state apiece thus far… Santorum won Iowa, Romney won New Hampshire, and Gingrich takes South Carolina by a huge margin.  This makes it a wide open race, with Newt definitely taking the momentum and apparently taking the support of traditional Republican states.

No doubt Mitt Romney has the money and organization - but Gingrich is on a big time roll!

Funny… Animated Romney-Obama Debate Match-Up

Response to Leftist Liberals who admit they value rats more than children

My post from yesterday (Liberals want to save rats - but it’s OK to kill children) generated overwhelmingly positive reaction, however there were a few who disagreed with my premise and thus they believe that a living rat has more value than a 9 month fetus/baby even minutes prior to birth. Aside from challenging my intelligence and knowledge of the issue using colorful language, the main arguments of those who opposed my position was that I was wrong because…

  • Rats are sentient. They have their right to life. They were born, experienced pain
  • Abortion is OK because “Fetuses aren’t born. Nor are they sentient.
  • A fetus is not a baby, therefore “no children or babies are involved" (in abortions)

Apparently, “sentient" is the new word that Planned Parenthood and the far-left is teaching its little foot-soldiers to use in their arguments defending any and all abortion practices. A definition of the word is: "responsive to or conscious of sense impressions”. It has been demonstrated that a fetus in the womb is responsive and does in fact feel pain.  According to WebMD:

  • At 20 weeks (5 months): “the nervous system is starting to function. The external genitalia can be used as a means for you to see if it’s a boy or a girl.” If the nervous systems is functioning, then the fetus can feel pain.
  • At 24 weeks (6 months): “the Baby responds to sounds by moving or increasing its pulse.” Notice how WebMD is referring to it as a “baby”. Maybe the doctors at WebMD are ignorant too, and don’t know the difference between a baby or a fetus, just like me.
  • at 28 weeks (7 months): “There’s a good chance the baby would survive if born prematurely now.” In other words, it’s a potentially viable human child.

Those who disagreed on the grounds that a fetus is not the same as a baby or a child clearly missed a key sentence in my original post… that the left will fight to the death defending the right “to violently murder children - human babies - whether those babies are in the womb, or partly out of the womb, or even if they manage to make it out of the womb before being killed.

The morality of abortion with a fetus in early stages can be debated forever. For certain, in later stages (2nd & 3rd trimester) it is morally reprehensible for reasons I mention above. However, Democrats and the Left, led by Obama, have fiercely supported even the most monstrous act of Partial-Birth Abortion. This procedure involves pulling the fetus through the woman’s birth canal feet first until only the head remains inside. Then, using scissors or a sharp instrument, the head is punctured, and the skull compressed (i.e. the brain is sucked out), and finally the dead baby’s crushed head is pulled out.

In 1995, the GOP led Congress passed laws banning “partial-birth abortion”, but it was vetoed by Pres. Bill Clinton. Again, in 1997 Congress passed another law banning this procedure, and again Bill Clinton Vetoed it. Countless Democrat Senators and Representatives have defended this monstrous practice which is advocated by the far-left.

Now to take this another inconceivable step further, on occasions when a “doctor” is performing this horrible procedure, some babies which were already partially outside the birth canal have exited completely and been fully delivered before the “doctor” could finish killing them. In these cases, the babies have been dumped in the soiled utility room, left to die alone because physically finishing the job would be murder at this point.  Folks… this is infanticide!

While Barack Obama was Senator of Illinois, he opposed the “Born Alive Infant Protection Act”, thereby supporting and defending infanticide, allowing these fully delivered and struggling babies to die on their own like trash. As Obama stated:

there was “movement or some indication that, in fact, they’re not just coming out limp and dead.

Not only did Obama verbally support this procedure, but he legislatively did so via the true coward’s way - neither voting for, or against it, but rather voting “present” to avoid a backlash from voters and from the extreme-left.

Finally, in 2003, the bill was signed by President George W. Bush to become law. However, the far-left immediately began to challenge the constitutionality of the law after the signing. In 2007, the U.S. Supreme Court in a 5-4 decision, Gonzales v. Carhart, held that the statute does not violate the Constitution.

Later, during a debate moderated by Rick Warren, then Presidential candidate Obama stated that issues of abortion were “above his pay-grade”. Again, a coward with no back-bone to tell Americans the truth… that he has supported and protected all forms of abortions, including infanticide. He later went on to lie and obfuscate about his positions to protect his presidential aspirations.

So don’t tell me that the Liberals, the far-left & Democrats don’t support the extermination of “babies”, whether they are in the womb, halfway out of the womb, or completely out of the womb! These people worship at the altar of abortion and infanticide.

Leviticus 18:21
"Do not give any of your children to be sacrificed to Molek, for you must not profane the name of your God. I am the LORD."

Liberals want to save rats - but it’s OK to kill children

The left believes that even rats have a greater right to life than human babies.  We seem to live in an alternate reality, where the left is so obsessed with saving everything (including rats now), yet they have no problem fighting to the death to preserve the right to violently murder children - human babies - whether those babies are in the womb, or partly out of the womb, or even if they manage to make it out of the womb before being killed.

Think I’m exaggerating?  Well, Washington DC has passed a law that protects rats from being killed by pest control measures (click here to see the law). Pest control workers are now required by law to capture the rats and transport them somewhere else instead of killing them.  Even more ridiculously, they cannot separate the rats from their family so they must transport entire rat families… I kid you not!  I can already see pest control guys running DNA tests and blood tests to verify family ties on rats.

As ridiculous as this law sounds to most sane people who understand that rats, rodents, and other vermin are pests which cause tremendous problems (including spreading diseases), it is even more insane when compared to the Left’s utter ferocity in ensuring that millions of children can be exterminated in the most savage way each year.  But then, we have a president who claims that the issue of abortion is “above his pay-grade”.  So, like Pontius Pilate, Obama washes his hands of the murder of millions of children, all the while protecting the twisted policies that allow this to happen… but hey, don’t you dare kill that rat!!!

Even CBS is unable to ignore Obama corruption and ineptitude.  Watch this CBS investigation to see how Billions of your tax $$$ are carelessly wasted to promote a fantasy of “green energy”, and even worse… to pay off Obama’s biggest supporters and fundraisers.

Romney is looking pretty inevitable

At this point, it looks to me like Romney winning the GOP nomination is pretty inevitable.  He’s already won the first two states (Iowa & New Hampshire) and is leading according to most polls in the next two (South Carolina & Florida).  Unless someone else wins those next states, he is going to run away with it.

I see Ron Paul, Huntsman, and Rick Perry as nothing but distractions.  Particularly Paul and Huntsman who are “boutique” candidates that can only do well in states that are essentially as non-Republican as possible and allow anyone to vote even if they aren’t really registered Republicans, or don’t really “live” in that state, or have been legally dead for years.  Then there’s Perry, who just like good ol’ Texas BBQ is so done that you can stick a fork in him.

National Debt for Dummies: this is a great illustration that simplifies our national budget and debt problem.

National Debt for Dummies: this is a great illustration that simplifies our national budget and debt problem.

US to give up Missile Defense secrets to Russia!!!

Good Lord… Obama can’t be this dumb, can he?  I just heard that the Obama administration is planning to simply give our Missile Defense Shield technology secrets over to Russia!  Missile Defense may be better known to many of you as the “Star Wars" program, as it was dubbed during the Reagan years. 

For those of you who don’t remember, Missile Defense (a.k.a. “Star Wars”) was one of the main reasons that the Reagan administration was able to collapse the Soviet Union.  Back then, the Soviets were obsessed with keeping up with our military technology, and as a result, they crumbled economically.  Since Obama took office, he foolishly backed off on implementing Missile Defense with allies like Poland because Russia threw a hissy-fit, and of course Obama wanted to “Reset” relations with Russia.  Obama doesn’t realize that leverage is a key in negotiations, and Missile Defense was one of the biggest levers we had available to use when it came to dealing with Russia, China, and all our adversaries.

And now he is going to just “share" it with Russia… does Obama not realize that the Russians are the ones providing Iran with nuclear material and know-how to create their nuclear weapons?  Does Obama not realize that Russia will share the technology with China, Pakistan, and any terrorist nation (like Iran) to be able to defeat our Missile Defense technology? 

Can Obama be this stupid, or is he intentionally sabotaging our U.S. military and defense capabilites?

Something’s gonna hit the fan soon

The situation in the Muslim world is spinning out of control in a hurry.  We have in…

  • Iraq: escalating bombings and violence after Obama’s premature troop pullout.  Iraq could ultimately succumb to militant Islamic terrorists, and potentially become an ally of Iran.
  • Syria: is plunging into chaos as the Assad regime massacres thousands of his own people. Obama foolishly thinks Assad is a “moderate” that he can negotiate with.
  • Egypt: is headed for a Militant Islamic theocracy led by the Muslim Brotherhood, which is tied to terrorism and al-Qaeda.  So much for the democracy Obama promised there.
  • Libya: is also headed toward a militant Islamist regime ruled by Sharia law. Again, Obama was suckered here with promises of democracy.
  • Turkey: is slowly creeping away from Western values and more toward hard-line Islam. Obama can’t even keep a supposed ally on our side.
  • Pakistan: militant Islamists are succeeding in driving a wedge between the U.S. and Pakistan’s leadership, putting this country (with nukes) in danger of falling into the hands of anti-American terrorists.
  • Iran: This is the biggest concern.  They are very close to acquiring nuclear weapons, and have stated their intent to destroy Israel, and no doubt they would love to use nukes against the US as well.  Israel will not stand by idly and allow them to acquire nukes without a fight. 

In summary, the Middle-East and North Africa are coalescing into a huge militant Islamic force with even stronger anti-American, and anti-western views.  Israel is being cornered and will have no choice but to attempt to take out Iran’s nukes before Iran can launch them.  Obviously, doing so would trigger a large scale conflict, but they have no choice now.  Meanwhile our great leader, Obama, does nothing to prevent this coming conflict and disaster.  In fact, he has been part of helping the cancer to metastasize, grow, and spread.